oor story.

firstly, the name fra, what is it all about? good question, nae idea.

nah, it runs with the brotherly story, fra = bro in italian (when you shorten fratello), and with us being brothers, it's pretty technical stuff this.

anyway, go back some years to when we bought our first oven and started making a mess of the kitchen experimenting with dough. fast forward into lockdown (classic), and after some encouragement, we started punting pizza to our friends and family. long story short, after travelling around growing and gathering knowledge in the game, we are now ready to go in heed first.

oor gig.

it's a classic, but our passion for all things food contributed to us stumbling across the art of pizza. and, with love for good food, comes the 'artisan-style' and experimental approach we adopt. the aim is to source the finest local and organic ingredients, and we will only ever use the best ingredients regardless of what that costs us.

it's been a process, from starting out in our household kitchen to transforming our garage into a fully functional pizza kitchen. but now, we are ready to hit the road; from festivals, events and private functions, it's all go.

lastly, as with the patter, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and anyone who knows us is aware of our humour. don't worry, we mean well.

ab n lb.

aka 'bawheed' n 'rubberheed'.

both sound when sleeping.