veggie yins.

for the plant eaters.

wi' a kick.

chipotle spiced halloumi, roasted roquito peppers n chilli flakes. it’s got a wee kick.


nae mistakes.

it’s a cheese pizza, ye cannae go wrong. fior, fresh basil, seasoned n topped wi' grana padano.


yer a goat.

white base wi' goats cheese n red onion marmalade. topped with chives, grana padano n black pepper.


meaty yins.

in tae the meat.

heeds' pickled

thick pepperoni, pickled chilli n a drizzle of sweet honey. topped wi' grana padano n cracked black pepper.


punters choice.

chunks eh stornoway black puddin' n chorizo. she’s the punters pick n now a regular.


wits for puddin'.

this will get ye.

puddin' calzone.

nutella n mascarpone calzone wi’ a dustin' eh icing sugar n strawberries bounced on top. belter.


sweet set eh baws.

dough baws but sweet. melted butter, then coated wi' brown sugar n cinnamon. served wi' a warm drizzle of white chocolate cream cheese.


specials n sides sir.

weekly special and doughy sides.

some baws.

a selection of baws. dough baws to be exact. the baws are coated in fresh garlic buttery herby oil. baws come wi' a basil garlic aioli dip.


rustic garlic breed.

garlic, rosemary n sea salt wi' parmesan n black pepper.